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14 Healthy Food Options You Need to Eat

If you’re at all like me, you struggle with consistency when it comes to eating healthy food and maintaining a diet plan. I am a two-week basis kind of girl. I find a new fad I plan to stick to, work really hard for about two weeks, and cave and have a few days-weeks-months of “cheat eating”. However, my diet is changing (for the better) and I could not be more proud.

Let’s dig into this a little…

Plenty of studies show eating healthy food as one of the biggest necessities in maintaining a happy, healthy lifestyle. Of course, physical activity, a positive outlook, and good social relationships are important, too. However, sticking to a healthy eating plan full of nutrient-rich foods is not only key to maintaining weight, but promoting overall long-term health. Who doesn’t want long-term health?!

I am positive everyone is constantly being reminded to eat healthy food, and I am not looking to be a nutritionist nor a doctor, so I won’t bore you to death on why you should eat healthy food. You just should. Trust me. However, I am hoping to add a few new healthy food options (that ACTUALLY taste good) into your basket next time you go shopping to make your life just a little bit healthier – and easier! 

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What should you buy?

When I grocery shop (typically on a Sunday before I meal prep for the week) I like to be prepared with a list so I don’t stray away too far into the junk food aisle. Check out the following list of 14 healthy food options to include in your cart next time you go shopping!

A Tasty Healthy Food Grocery List

  1. Blueberries. Blueberries are full of antioxidants and nutritional benefits. Such as, containing plenty Vitamin C to improve mental health, as well as bone, heart, and skin health. 
  2. Greek Yogurt. Contains protein, probiotics, antioxidants, and B12: a perfect combination to look for in any healthy food.
  3. Quinoa. Great for high protein volume and high fiber all while replacing those carbs we are reminded not to eat. 
  4. Kale. Kale is one of the most nutrient-dense foods around, and should be included in your diet. Adding to a smoothie is a great option! 
  5. Eggs. A key ingredient in aiding weight loss. Eggs are also high in protein for those who need a simple increase in protein intake on a budget.
  6. Almonds. A great source to boost your energy! Also, a great cheat snack when you’re hungry and looking for low calories
  7. Garlic. Highly nutritious with very low calories! It is also a great aid in fighting off any illnesses. (PS many diet plans have garlic listed as a freebe!!
  8. Avocado. Avocados are one of the best healthy food options you can eat to maintain a healthy heart. They are also very nutrient dense and a tasteful choice! 
  9. Green Tea. Besides water, green tea is probably the best drink you can have. It works hard to fight against any fat-damaging cells and increase overall health. 
  10. Dark Chocolate. YUM, amiright?! Believe it or not, dark chocolate is a great healthy food choice that will positively effect your health. 
  11. Acai Berries. A true healthy food option that is full of rich antioxidants needed to maintain brain, heart, and overall health. 
  12. Chia Seeds. A great source of good cholesterol to protect against heart attack and stroke, because who doesn’t want to protect their heart?!
  13. Maca. A great additive (comes in the form of powder) for improving mental health as maca root is high in antidepressant properties to increase balance and reduce stress. 
  14. Sweet Potato. Not only do sweet potatoes boost one’s immune system, but also to increase the balance of water to aid in digestion. 

As you click on the attached links, learn about the benefits of each of these healthy food options! I hope a few of these items will make their way into your shopping cart on your next shopping adventure.  Don’t forget to look back to Food & Fitness for future recipes that will be sure to include a few of these key healthy food options!

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