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8 Reasons to LOVE Yourself « Self care/Positivity « Better Blissful Lifestyle Blog

8 Reasons to LOVE Yourself

For my first post, I thought I would start with the basics that don’t always seem that basic in every day life: loving yourself first. Because self care is absolutely important.

When the going gets tough, you’ve made a few mistakes, or maybe you don’t have the appearance you wish you did, it can be hard to remember to be supportive of yourself. Our minds are so quick to resort to negative thinking, self-blame, and making comparisons to others. First of all, that is NORMAL and everyone does it whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a celebrity. As humans, we gravitate towards this type of thinking, and oh lord do I wish us women didn’t.

However, it is SO important to remember to be your biggest #1 fan, through the good times and the bad, through sickness and in health. Like it or not you’re always going to have you around. A great way to include self care into your daily life is to give yourself positive self affirmations throughout your everyday activities.

Here are 8 reasons to help you to remember to self care and to truly love yourself:

love self care
  1. You’re resilient. Has there ever been a time you didn’t survive those hard times? (no, the answer is no)
  2. You’re strong. As I just said, you’ve never not survived. Your body and your mind has gotten you through anything and everything your life has been through. This alone shows you are strong and capable of anything that comes your way.
  3. You’re thoughtful. Just by being present and having this page open shows you are thinking of yourself. For that, you are already one step ahead, lady.
  4. You’re kind. Think of a time you helped someone. Whether it was holding a door open for someone walking by or saying thank you to the barista at Starbucks. These common simple acts of kindness go a long way.
  5. You’re beautiful. When we’ve got curly hair, we want straight, we’re all guilty. You are beautiful and someone out there saw you today and thought “if only I looked like her” or “if only I had her hair”. So get up, look yourself in the mirror, and be thankful for your fine a**.
  6. You’re courageous. Have you ever tried something new? A new restaurant, a new vacation get-a-way, a new romance. You took a chance and you learned something from it, good or bad, big or small. Love your body for having courage and giving life lessons.
  7. You’re alive. You are experiencing life right now as you read. Take a second and be grateful for something around you and love your body for allowing yourself to be here to enjoy the moment.
  8. You’re not alone. There is a community out there ready to support and be present with you for any of your needs, you’re never alone in this crazy journey of life.

Of course, obviously there are many more reasons, because in all honesty each and every one of you is a friggen superhero walking along this earth. <3

Comment below some of your Positive Affirmations and remember to visit here for more tools, tips, and stories to improving your self love affirmations, positivity, and self care practices!