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What I learned from my 7-day meditation experience

As previously mentioned, I am a beginner when it comes to meditation. Part of my goals this month were to meditate each day for 20-minutes. I also aimed to include a short meditation practice in my daily morning routine. Here’s what I learned during a 7-day meditation focus. For other fellow beginners out there, I am hopeful you will have a similar meditation experience as me. 

Meditation kinda feels like this…

When you’re a meditation beginner, it is hard to know what you’re doing and if you’re meditating correctly. You know you can achieve serenity and bliss from meditating, but it often does not happen right away. It can be challenging to remember to focus on well, nothing, when there are a million things in the world to think about. Finding a consistent meditation practice comes with dedication, mixed emotions, and awe. The following is a personal meditation experience that I had during my in-depth week-long focus on my meditation practice. I hope that my experience helps you understand what starting to meditate might feel like.

meditation experience


They say confusion is normal in meditation. In the beginning, I did not know what I was doing, why I was doing it, or if it was beneficial. I was confused. I try to ignore this feeling and let it be a part of the experience. Once I fully let go of the confusion, I am able to let my meditation be. I learned quickly, there’s no need to overthink it.  


Unfortunately, it was common that I became bored and felt as though time had frozen. As a female, I am programmed to be doing something at all times. When I feel like time had stopped, I refocus back to my breathing, and try to remember that it is okay to feel a little bored.


Boy, did I have a phase of annoyance. I was annoyed I wasn’t feeling a thing, annoyed I was wasting time, annoyed I couldn’t focus, annoyed my legs would start to fall asleep, blah blah blah. Feeling annoyance is something I think most people just have to push through. Unfortunately, I personally don’t have a good strategy to let this feeling go besides time, practice, and perseverance.


For me, at some point everything sort of snapped into place. I am able to accept myself in the exact moment I am living in.  My practice is as it is without feeling irritated, confused, or bored. I am finally content with what I am doing and it feels good. 


Personally, my meditation practice increases my focus. With practice, I am able to feel my breathing, my stillness, and my mind without any wandering. After meditating, I feel an increase in inspiration, contentment, peace, and I am ready to take on my day.


Each day I meditate, life feels good, peaceful, and serene. My mind and body feel complete relaxation. Whatever bothersome things are happening in my life, melt away and I feel at peace. Although, I do have to admit being able to meditate on the top of a mountain definitely increases the experience of pure serenity.


The sudden burst of energy and beauty is intense. Daily, I wake up, meditate, and have the energy to live my life to the fullest. I find myself more grateful for the beauty of life and the things around us. With meditation, I truly live a better blissful life.

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Comment below your beginner meditation experience 🙂 Let’s support one another to live a life of bliss! And stay tuned for upcoming beginner yoga tips.